Hardiman's History of Galway

Chapter 4: From 1484 to the commencement of the Irish Rebellion in 1641

Sir William Pelham arrives in Galway, 1579

Chapter 4

From 1484 to the commencement of the Irish Rebellion in 1641

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Old map of Galway

On the 7th of November, 1579, the lord justice, Sir William Pelham, arrived in Galway, accompanied by the earl of Thomond and the Berwick bands. "His lordship removed into the towne of Galway, twelve mills, verie rockie way, and full of great loughes. The towne is well bulte, and walled, with an excellent good haven, and is replenished with many welthie merchants. The townes-men and wemmen present a more civil show of life than other townes in Ireland do, and maie be compared, in my judgement, next Dublin and Watterford, the only towne." kk He was most honorably received; and, in order to encourage the inhabitants, he confirmed certain articles. which were in effect as follows:-

The charter of Gallewaie, with new liberties, confirmed.

The lord justice, on departing, found it necessary to leave a company of soldiers behind him, which were commanded by captain Casey; and there being no barracks to receive them, he was obliged to hire a house for their accommodation, the rent of which was paid by the queen. These were the first regular troops ever quartered in Galway.mm

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