Hardiman's History of Galway

Chapter 4: From 1484 to the commencement of the Irish Rebellion in 1641

Meyrick Square

Chapter 4

From 1484 to the commencement of the Irish Rebellion in 1641

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Old map of Galway

The improvement of the town and environs still continued to occupy the attention of the corporation. In 1630, the square plot, at the green outside the east gate, (since called Meyrick-square,) was set apart for the purpose of public amusement and recreation. it was inclosed with wooden rails, and handsomely planted round with ash trees, many of which were standing within the memory of persons yet living. The highway within the liberties, along Castle-Gar, was soon afier completed: the new works at Barachalla and about the great gate, which were left unfinished in the mayoralty of Sir Valentine Blake, were likewise resumed and perfected in the interior of the town, the main street, from the great gate to the cross, was paved, and several other valuable improvements were made, ggg which at length rendered the town one of the most perfect in the kingdom, possessing every convenience which could tend to promote the health or increase the comforts of the inhabitants.

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