Hardiman's History of Galway

Chapter 4: From 1484 to the commencement of the Irish Rebellion in 1641

Viscount Falkland arrives in Galway, 1625

Chapter 4

From 1484 to the commencement of the Irish Rebellion in 1641

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Old map of Galway

But, passing over this and other idle and worthless tales of tradition, for more useful and authentic information, it appears that the town, county of the town, and county of Galway, were, in 1616, at the instance of the earl of Clanrickard, erected into a separate jurisdiction, entirely independent of the presidency of the province - a circumstance which afterwards proved of the utmost consequence towards preserving the peace and tranquility of this part of the kingdom. Upon his resignation of the presidency, his lordship was appointed governor or lieutenant of the town and county, and of the inhabitants there resident, as fully as he had enjoyed and exercised the same as lord president of the province.eee The lord deputy, Falkland, came to Galway in 1625, and was most honorably received. His lordship knighted Sir Richard Blake Fitz-Robert, and Sir Henry Lynch, bart. and munificently bestowed 300 towards building a college, and 500 to portion and apprentice several orphan children of the town. He particularly attended to the state of the fortifications, and directed a fort to be built on the lands of Ballymanagh, beyond the west bridge, the foundation of which was laid, and a good part of the walls built in 1625; and, at the same time, all the gates of the town were repaired at the expense of the corporation.

The appointment of the earl of Clanrickard to the government of the town having terminated on the death of King James, it was renewed by his successor;fff the preamble to whose grant states, that the king, taking inio consideration the many and singular good proofs of his lordship's fidelity and sincere affection to the crown, and conceiving good hopes of the like in his son Ulick, lord Dunkellin, afterwards marquis of Clanricarde, (which it will be found were amply realized,) and the better to secure his subjects of the said county and town of Galway, appointed them to the government thereof during their respective lives.

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