Hardiman's History of Galway

Chapter 6: From 1660 to the surrender of Galway to King William's forces, 1691

Protestant inhabitans removed

Chapter 6

From 1660 to the surrender of Galway to King William's forces, 1691

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Old map of Galway

The king, as soon as he had heard of these spirited preparations of the town of Galway, expressed himself in the highest terms of satisfaction. In July, 1689, three additional companies were raised, and the officers chosen were presented to his majesty for approbation. [aa] The Protestant inhabitants were afterwards removed, by the governor, to the west suburbs, for the better security of the town. [bb]

In April following the mayor received directions, by order of the king in council, "to put out of the court of aldermen and common council, such Protestants and disaffected men as should appear to him to be such, and to send their names presently to Dublin." Commissioners soon after arrived to view the state of the town. who directed several repairs to be made on the walls, and a fortification to be built round Barachalla. For these works 800l. were, on the 3d and 11th of July, ordered to be levied on the inahbitants. The community of St. Francis supplied stone and other materials; and the remainder of that year and part of the next were consumed in their completion.

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