St. David's
Retirement Home

Gential Hill
Galway, Ireland

Phone: +353 91 525358

Matron: Bernadette Garrett.
A comfortable home away from home for the elderly. Peaceful residential area close to the sea. Gaelic and English spoken.

St. David's Retirement Home is situated one mile from Salthill, Galway, Ireland and overlooks beautiful Galway Bay. There is a regular bus service from Galway City.

The Home is very comfortably furnished, complies with all regulations and provides accommodation for twelve residents.

Each resident has his/her own bedroom which is centrally heated and fitted with a nurse call bell. A sun lounge, sitting room with TV and garden are available for daily use.

Breakfast is served in the residents bedroom. Lunch and the evening meal are served in the dining room and morning afternoon and bedtime beverages are served in the sitting room.

A Home Away From Home

To enhance the friendly atmosphere all of the staff are informally dressed and make every effort to ensure the comfort and happiness of the residents through individual care and attention - all are conscious that St. David's is the Residents' home.

A Resident may have a doctor of his/her choice.

In addition to the Medical staff, there are two qualified hairdressers and a qualified physiotherapist. Half the staff are fluent in Gaelic.

Visitors are welcome from 10am to 11pm except during both main meal times. Residents may stay in their rooms or mix. They can have their own furniture and TV (except beds).

Services provided free of charge

Additional service available

Suggested Trial Period

It is always suggested that new Residents come in for a trial period of four weeks to see if they are happy to live there. If so, then a Contract of Care will be agreed and signed by the client or person acting on his/her behalf. All payments are tax deductable.

Registered Proprietor: Atlon Co. Ltd
Directors: Ann O'Toole, Michael O'Toole
Matron: Bernadette Garrett