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Address: Westport House Country Estate, Westport, Co. Mayo
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Telephone: +353 98 27766 / +353 98 25430 [ Text Me ]
Fax: +353 98 25206
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Westport House & Country Park is an extraordinary mixture of history, culture and fun, all in one; and, is a major attraction to day visitors who are interested in Ireland's history, architecture and works of art, and contains one of Ireland's most popular days out for the entire family with attractions for all ages. Over 3,000,000 visitors have now been welcomed since first opening. Westport House is one of Ireland's most beautiful and historic homes (Westport House only tickets are available). Also located on Westport House & Country Park is the Old Farmyard, one of the largest sets of old farmyard buildings in Ireland, and located here is the Loft Bar/Bar Food, The Shop at the Farmyard (home and garden), Jungle World (indoor soft play area for children) and Garden Plants for sale. Located on Westport House & Country Park is the Parkland Caravan & Camping Park which is located in a beautiful setting and is ideally located to enjoy the many attractions on Westport House & Country Park, and on one of the most scenic parts of the west of Ireland.

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