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Address: Belfield Bike Shop, University College Dublin, Dublin 4
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1. "Connemara, Galway & Mayo Individual Tour". This organised tour is for those who want to head off on their own without guide or group. Each tour is a weeklong; however, the route can be adapted to suit your particular needs. The tour can include any number of people, start on any day of the week, and go at any time of the year, the only exception being that the tour cannot start the same day as a group tour in the same area. This tour takes you through some of the most breath-taking scenery in Connemara. From the daunting splendour of the Delphi Valley to the wild beauty of the Aran Islands, this route will leave a lasting impression on you.

2. "The Wild West Mayo". Mayo has some of Ireland's least known and most beautiful scenery. The tour begins on Saturdays; Tour Dates are as follows: 14th June; 19th July; and, 6th September. We set out from Westport and circle around Lough Conn for the first two days, before heading North to the Atlantic and the wide-open plains of West Mayo. The rest day is on Achill Island.

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