In a curious MS. collection of genealogies, written principally in Irish, but, in some instances in English, transcribed in Irish character, and now in the possession of the author, there are a few interesting details of some of the Galway names, which have been abstracted for this work. --- Of the Bodkin family, it appears, that the name was originally Poiticin; but no clue is given, which might lead to its meaning or derivation. They are then stated to have descended, "from the true stock of Maurice FitzGerald, who was lineally decended from Otho, a noble prince of Italy. --- That Leo, the first who took the surname of Poiticin, (which he did in consequence of a misunderstanding with his nephew, Maurice FitzGerald, who intermarried with Agnes, the daughter of Richard Mor, Prince of Wales, then Governor of the castle of Pembroke,) was sone of Walter, who was great grandson of Otho, an Italian nobleman, from whom decended the the most honorable family of the FitzGeralds of Desmond and Kildare, and the FitzGeralds of Ireland in general, as our ancient and authentic annals give account." --- Augustinus Poiticin, the sone of Leo, intermarried with Anne, daughter and co-heiress of Sir Rober Lawellin, alias Dewellin; (which family is originally descended from Diwillin, who as proprietor of Kiltullach, Doughase and medan, anno 1270,) whose son, John Poiticin, or Bodkin intermarried with Caitilin, daughter of Maurice Lynch, the son of John, from whom descended, Sir Henry Lynch, and many other noblemen of that name. --- Andrew More Bodkin, intermarried with Margaret, daughter of Sir William Burc of Anach-caoin, whose son, John Mor Bodkin, intermarried with Caitilin, daughter of John Mor Darcy of Partry, by Anne, daughter of O'Flaherty, whose son, Austin Bodkin, intermarried with Celia, daughter of Sir Geoffry Browne of Galway, whose son John Mor Bodkin, intermarried with Mary, daughter of Geogory French, whose son Leo Bodkin, intermarried with Caitilin, daughter of Thomas Lynche, Lord of Ballygarrain, whose son, Marcu Bodkin, intermarried with Caitilin, daughter of Rober Mor Blake of Ardfry, whose son Andrew Bodkin, intermarried with Elis, daughter and co-heiress of John Dathi, (Athy,) lineally descended of the true stock of Daithi mac Fiochrach, from whom are also sprung O'Seachnasy of Gort, and many other nobles, not here mentioned. --- John Mor Bodkin, his son, had by Anna French, daughter of Geoffry French, Andrew Bodkin, who married Anastasia, daughter of John Mor Mearick, whose son, Leo Bodkin, intermarried with Caitilin, daughter of Richard Martin, whose son, Marcus Bodkin, intermarried with Celia, daughter of Peter French, whose son, Austin Bodkin, intermarried with Mary Blake, daughter of John, son of Walter Blake, whose son, James Bodkin, intermarried with Caitilin, daughter of Thomas reabhach Darcy, whose son, Marcus, intermarried with Sheela, daughter of James Lynch, Mayor of Galway in 1495, by whom he had issue, Leo, Marcus, John, Austin and Andrew Bodkin, with whom the account of the family closes.

The MS. from which the foregoing extract was taken, appears to have been written, at intervals, from some time previous to 1500, down to 1671, by the family of O'Luinin, Lynegar, or Linacre, who are frequently styled throughout, hereditary Ard-Ollamhs, chief doctors, or antiquaries of Ulster and of Ireland. In a certificate signed Partrick O'Luinin, alias Lynegar, and dated from his residence, at Ard O'Luinin, in Inismore, or the great Island, in Lough-Erne, 2d Oct. 1632, he states that he received, "these genealogies, from his ancestors, chief antiquaries of Ireland." The irish descents, contained in this collection, have been found correct; but the authenticity of the Anglo-Norman pedigrees, (amongst which are those abstracted for this work,) is questioned by the present Deputy Ulster King of Arms, whose opinion is entitled to every attention, from his extensive knowledge on these subjects.