k: To open a communication between Killalla? and Galway?, by means of the Moy, Loughmask?, and Loughcorrib?, was one of the practicable projects of those who were employed to survey the navigable rivers of Ireland in the early part of the eighteenth century, and, if carried into effect, would have porved a most important addition to the internal navigation of this country. They also intended to make the Colgan? navibable, or extend its navigation from Galway? to the Shannon?. Lough Corrib? might be easily rendered of extremely important advantage to this part of the kingdom; it spreads its waters over 50700 acres, and disembogues its surplus into the bay, from which it is but 3 miles distant. -- Newenham. Had these great national plans been executed at the time they were projected, Galway might now, notwithstanding the many political disabilities under which it has since laboured, be one of the most considerable mercantile towns in the kingdom, instead of which, it remains, with all its natural advantages, a melancholy monunment of the sad effects of bigotry, prejudice and persecution.