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Directory of Furbo, County Galway

1. Abba Sea Cottage, Furbo, Co Galway, tel: +353 91 798831
2. Connemara Coast Hotel, Furbo, Galway, tel: +353 91 592108
3. Connemara Holiday Cottage, tel: +353 91 527275
4. Galway Counselling Studies, Cnocan an Bhodaigh, Furbo, Co. Galway, tel: +353 86 39 54 939
5. Gcom Nuálaíocht Teo, Stripe, Furbo, Co. Galway, tel: +353 91 592533
6. Padraicin's, Furbo, Co. Galway, tel: +353 91 592444
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7. Aro, Na Forbacha, Gaillimh, tel: +353 91 503500
8. Galway Bay Baptist Church, Carraig na Greine, Furbo, Co Galway, tel: +353 91 596944
9. Michael Naughton Ltd, Cushmaigmore, Furbo, Galway, tel: +353 91 592416
10. Muirelinn, Furbo, Co. Galway, tel: +353 91 592386
11. Suan Na Mara, Stripe, Furbo, Co. Galway, tel: +353 91 591512
12. The Coast Club Leisure Centre, Connemara Coast Hotel, Furbo, Co. Galway, tel: +353 91 503904
13. Udaras na Gaeltachta, Furbo, Co. Galway,

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3 June 2006, Slieve Aughty, Co. Galway: Vestas V52 wind turbines silhouetted by the sunset sky on Slieve Aughty, near Derrybrien Co. Galway. The Derrybrien project which comprises 71 turbines is currently the largest in-land wind farm in the country. Click to expand image. Photo: Joe Desbonnet.

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