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Internet Domains

Nowadays it is common for even the smallest organisations to register and use their own domain name.

A web address such as – – is much easier for your customer to recall than – – next time they are looking for your business online. Learn more....


Every web site needs a home. A place in cyberspace in which to live. This is what “hosting” is all about. A host is a server computer, but unlike a regular PC these computers have no screens, mice or keyboards. They are purpose built for the job of serving up to hundreds of people from all around the world at the same time.

Effectively managing these machines requires special expertise. has been in this business for over 10 years. We have experience managing small servers for B&B’s to large ‘clusters’ for multinational companies.

Like any good host, always puts your needs first...

• provide hosting solutions ranging from small 'virtual servers' to dedicated hosting servers for enterprise class web sites or web applications.

• We have a long-standing relationship with our trusted hosting partners – chosen for their professionalism, knowledge and dedication in the area.

• All of our server computers are located in secure facilities with backup electricity and communication lines.

• Our server computers are backed up daily (or more often by arrangement).

• Our servers are constantly monitored – we can guarantee reliability comparable to that of online banking systems – so your website is accessible to your customer 99.99% of the time.

• We support Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and Windows operating systems and databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and platforms such as PHP, Java, Perl and Python.

• Web/Email server (used to host website and accept email) 100 Megabytes storage space. No traffic limits. €100 plus VAT / year

• Dedicated servers from €65 plus VAT / month

Basic Intermediate Dedicated
Disk space Up to 100MB Up to 2GBMinimum 60GB
Platform Shared virtual server environment. Hardware: 2 x 2GHz Intel Pentium class CPU, 4GB RAM, FreeBSD OS, Apache web server Shared virtual server environment. Hardware: 2 x 2GHz Intel Pentium class CPU, 4GB RAM, FreeBSD OS, Apache web server Minimum specification: 2GHz Intel Pentium class CPU, 512MB - 2GB RAM, Microsoft Windows, Redhat Enterprise Linux or CentOS, Apache web server
Bandwidth limits None None None
Web administration console Yes Yes Yes
Email: Forwarding only. Forwarding, POP, IMAP, webmail Forwarding, POP, IMAP, webmail
E-commerce capable: Yes Yes Yes
Automatic backup: Yes (daily) Yes (daily) By arrangement (*)
Scripting PHP, Perl, Python PHP, Perl, Python Java, PHP, Perl, Python
Web traffic analysis Webalizer, Urchin Webalizer, Urchin Webalizer, Webtrends(*)
Database No MySQL, PostgreSQL MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle(*)
Shell access No Yes, via SSH Yes, via SSH
Physical location Dulles (VA, USA) or San Jose (CA, USA) Dulles (VA, USA) or San Jose (CA, USA) Dublin Ireland, Dulles (VA, USA) or San Jose (CA, USA)


(*) Items marked with asterisk are extras which may incur an additional charge

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