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Internet Domains

Nowadays it is common for even the smallest organisations to register and use their own domain name.

A web address such as – – is much easier for your customer to recall than – – next time they are looking for your business online.

Using your own domain name also greatly increases the chance of your site being top of the list when a customer searches for 'Murphy's Bar' using a search engine such as Google.

In addition to being used as an address for your web site, the domain can also be used for email. For example our system can forward email for – – to any of your existing email boxes.

An advantage of using your own domain for email is that it gives you the option to change your email provider at any time, without the expense of changing your stationary, business cards or signage. All that is required is a quick email to and we will switch the forwarding address within two business days of being notified!

Registration and renewal of .com, .org, .net, .info, .biz domains = €40 plus VAT / year

Registration and renewal of .ie = €100 plus VAT / year

Common internet Top Level Domains (TLDs)

Domain Intended purpose Advantages Disadvantages
.comFor any commercial organisation worldwide.Implies an international business. The most commonly used, and very easy to remember. Popular – it is not always possible to obtain the exact domain name you would like.
.orgIntended for non-profit organisations worldwide, but this is not enforced.Can imply a charitable or non-profit organisation. Can sometimes be confused with .com, especially if the domain is given by word of mouth (e.g. over the telephone).
.netIntended for internet service providers, but this is not enforced.A good alternative to .com. It works well if your site is intended to be some sort of community or business networking site. Can sometimes be confused with .com, especially if the domain is given by word of mouth (eg over the telephone).
.infoFor information websites, but this is not enforced. Implies the site's purposes is information dissemination only without a commercial aspect.
.bizShort for 'business'. An alternative to .com A reasonable alternative if nothing suitable can be found under .com. Does not have the same recognition as .com.
.ieFor businesses, organisations and individuals based in the Republic of IrelandImplies Irishness. Ideal for those in the hospitality or crafts trade. Relatively uncrowded -- you stand a good chance of getting your preferred domain name.
Unlike ".uk", it is not obvious to many foreign internet users that IE is the country code for Ireland. Expensive.
.euFor businesses and organisations based in the EU. Ideal if your business or organisation interests are international but limited to the EU.
.co.ukFor businesses in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Implies UK based business. Ideal if selling into the UK market. Implies your business is not Irish and deals in sterling currency.
.eduIntended for 3rd level educational institutions only. This is strictly enforced.
Implies the organisation is an accredited third level institution. Available only to institutions accredited by the US Department of Education.

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