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Click on a temperature or wind barb icon to get more information about a particular location. This is an experimental service utilising information from a wide variety of sources -- some more reliable than others. If particular station is reporting a reading which is higher or lower than expected it may due to a fault. This is an experimental service. Works best with modern standards compliant web browsers eg Firefox, Opera.


Rainfall Map (courtesy of Met Eireann)

Ireland has a temperate maritime climate. The climate is modified by the relatively warm North Atlantic Current which keeps Irish winters mild (with only few days of the year below freezing point).

The weather is very changeable and unpredictable. Be prepared for plenty of rain, but also expect some warm spells during the summer months.

Temperatures do not vary much throughout the country, but rainfall is substantially heavier in the west (see map). The driest part of the country is on the east around Dublin city. Detailed information on Galway's climate is available here.

Met Eireann Logo Climate information and maps courtesy Met Éireann.
Met Éireann - The Irish Meteorological Service
Glasnevin Hill
Dublin 9
Tel: +353 1 8064200
Fax: +353 1 8064247

Wave Forecasts from Donegal to Bantry Bay

waveforecast The highest resolution wave forecast model available for Ireland – one kilometre resolution - is now available from the Marine Institute where surfers, sailors, and fishermen can get six day wave forecasts for the West coast of Ireland from Donegal to Bantry Bay. The wave forecast service also provides information on wind speed and direction, which is of particular interest to surfers seeking out the perfect wave.

The wave model which predicts wave height, direction and period down to one kilometre, was originally developed to assess the suitability of Galway Bay for a wave energy test site. The test site, located just off the coast from Spiddal, has been up and running for just over a year now and has seen two wave energy prototypes tested there by Irish wave energy developers, Wavebob Ltd and Ocean Energy Ltd.

Visit Wave Forecast Page

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Galway Gallery
image 586
Thursday 6 Oct 2006. Preparations are in place for the unusually high tides expected over the weekend. This photograph was taken at the high water of the first of the high tides at 16:30 Thursday. The next few tides will be significantly higher and will flood parts of the Spanish parade.

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